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Best places to eat in Reykjavik – Lonely Planet 2020

Best places to eat in Reykjavik – Lonely Planet 2020 By Cuisine By Cuisine: Icelandic Dill Assured chefs limit the ingredients but super-charge the flavour at the capital’s top table. Matur og Drykkur Creative local cuisine made with extraordinary attention to detail. Þrír Frakkar Traditional Icelandic ingredients meet formal fine dining. By Cuisine: Seafood Messinn Piping hot skillets of…

Iceland shore excursions

In 2016 we are expecting quite a high number of cruise ships to Reykjavik.  If you are searching for a private tour please contact us.  The most popular tours are the Golden Circle tour that takes about 8 hours and the tour of the South Coast of Iceland, ca. 9 hours.


A wide range of accommodation is available in Iceland, from mountain cabins, hostels and guesthouses to first class hotels with various services.  In Reykjavik and the bigger towns you can choose from inexpensive hostels and guesthouses to expensive 4 star hotels but most of the country hotels are comfortable 3 star which also offer good…