A wide range of accommodation is available in Iceland, from mountain cabins, hostels and guesthouses to first class hotels with various services.  In Reykjavik and the bigger towns you can choose from inexpensive hostels and guesthouses to expensive 4 star hotels but most of the country hotels are comfortable 3 star which also offer good meals.  Please note that many hotels are fully booked well in advance for the high summer season.

You must indicate what level of accommodation you require in order for us to make a proposal for you and please also indicate if single, double/twin  or triple occupancy is required.  For final confirmation we need a rooming list, showing the individual names which will be staying in each room and this list must usually be provided at least 8 weeks prior arrival.

Please refer to following links for further information:  There is also good information about accommodation on and   We have contracts and enjoy good rates with most of the hotels.  Please note that there is a big difference in price depending on the season.